Episode2:Astrofest 2008 Part 1

Astrofest is a unique event for amateur astronomers for the UK and Europe. Keith Cooper, Astronomy Now’s editor provides some background to how and when it started.

Nik Szymanek an accomplished astrophotographer shares his experiences of capturing some spectacular images. See some of them on his website.

Dr Allan Chapman talks about the tradition of amateur astronomy. He identifies some of the key figures from the past and speculates on its future. Read more about Allan on Wikipedia.


  1. [...] Nik Szymanek One of the country’s most familiar names in astrophotography.  For someone who spends much of his time staring at the heavens Nik is a very down to Earth kind of guy.  Amongst other things, Nik spoke about his new adventure, a remote telescope based in Spain. I first spoke to Nik back in 2008 in episode two. [...]

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