Gagarin Statue in Manchester – Quick Update

It appears that the public support for the statue to come to Manchester is not an issue once people get to know about the campaign. Half way target of 500 was met on Thursday last week. My thanks to all of you.

Another name, Professor Carl Murray  a scientist working on the Cassini probe currently orbiting Saturn, was added to the open letter this weekend.

The campaign has sufficient public support what it now requires is a sponsor to make it happen. It was clear from the beginning that public funds would not be appropriate in the current economic climate. Despite this, Manchester City Council continues with its essential engagement even though it cannot assist financially.

In his comment, Barrie D. Eckford  says “I too would wish to sign the appeal & should a public subscription be declared, then I would gladly add a small monitory amount.” This is very welcome Barrie and it may come to that.. but not yet.  As one of the now 500+ strong supporters, what do you think? Scroll down and read Barrie’s comment in full and add yours here.

Another Radio Interview, thanks to Andy Crane of BBC Radio Manchester is helping to publicise the campaign.

Now that we are in December, this is the home run. If all goes to plan, we should know, one way or another, before the end of the month. I’ll keep you posted.

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