Episode 53: 28th June 2012 – The Chinese Space program

Chinese President Mao Zedong with space scientist Qian Xuesen in 1956

Chinese President Mao Zedong with rocket scientist Qian Xuesen in 1956

Even a cursory look at the Chinese spacecraft design indicates a close and obvious connection between the Chinese and the Soviet the space technology. No doubt a result of the close geography and a shared political ideology during the Soviet era.

In this episode, a space historian specialising in the Chinese and Soviet/Russian space program  outlines the history, current status and future of the Chinese space activities.

Brian Harvey is a Dublin based writer, author, broadcaster and probably the most informed specialist on Chinese space program in Ireland today. This conversation recorded during the Shenzhou-9 / Tiangong-1 mission orbiting the Earth with the three crew including the first Chinese female astronaut onboard. At the end of the interview Brian talks about the Space Cooperation Memorandum signed last week.

This telephone interview was recorded on Tuesday 26th June and published today – one day before the scheduled return of Shenzhou-9.

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