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Prime Meridian

Unfortunately, it is not coming to Manchester but going to the Royal Observatory in London instead.  More Details in the fifth and final newsletter #5 – which I have duplicated below.

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Bring Gagarin statue to Manchester. Campaign update #5: 6th October 2012

Sadly, I have to report that the Gagarin statue will NOT be coming to Manchester.

As per my tweet on 3rd October 2012, the British Council announced through their press release that the new home of the Gagarin statue will be the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Can I simply but sincerely thank all of you who supported this campaign in many ways including writing letters, distributing leaflets, signing the petition and adding your name to the open letter. The press release indicates that the move to the new location is subject to planning permission. Unless there is any additional news, this campaign is now formally closed.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is a remarkably appropriate place to have been selected. It is the home of the Prime Meridian, the special place where you can simultaneously place one foot in the Western hemisphere and the other in the Eastern.  As a central London attraction it is a popular stop for tourists from all over the world, hosts visits from schools and even has a planetarium.

The statue will be erected outdoors and be well maintained. This open access will allow thousands of people every year to visit it without having to pay.  This was the primary driver for the British Council, Roscosmos and one which I share.

The statue in its new location will be unveiled on his birthday 9th March 2013. If he was still with us Yuri Gagarin would have been only 79.



  1. A comment received today indicates that the Gagarin Statue had started its journey to Greenwich. Apparently it was removed from outside the British council offices in early January.

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    “My wife tells me that while she was visiting the british consul on 7th january the statue was there in the morning, but when she left in the afternoon the statue was gone!”

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