ISRO’s GSLV Launch delayed

ISRO has had three successful launches this year and the planned three more are not quiet on track. Two of the three remaining are the IRNSS navigational satellites. The IRNSS constellation has a 10 year plan but will only work once the complete constellation of seven are in orbit. The first has been in orbit for over a year and the 2nd IRNSS-1B was launched in April this year..

The key launch this year is the GSLV-Mk3. This is India’s heavy lift launcher on a maiden sub-orbital flight designed to test a habitable crew module. It was scheduled to be launched in May, June, July and the August.   It has been delayed again but no alternative date has been announced. It will now likely be sometime after ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission’s arrival at Mars on 24th September.

Launch of of IRNSS-1B from Shriharikota on 4th April 2014.

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