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Astrophotography: Terry Platt from Starlight Express talks about his early days of vidicon and photo multiplier tubes. Terry describes how his passion in astronomy in the 60s resulted in Starlight Express. About 6 years ago, Steve Chambers came up with a nifty way to rewire a Phillips Toucam webcam so that it could be used […]

Episode3:Astrofest 2008-Part 2

David Levy recounts the momentous event of July 1994 and talks about his current preoccupations. Did you know he has his own pod cast called letstalkstars. David Paul talks about the Campaign for Dark Skies which was established in 1989, what progress has been made and how the amateur astronomy community can still contribute. Alison […]

Episode2:Astrofest 2008 Part 1

Astrofest is a unique event for amateur astronomers for the UK and Europe. Keith Cooper, Astronomy Now’s editor provides some background to how and when it started. Nik Szymanek an accomplished astrophotographer shares his experiences of capturing some spectacular images. See some of them on his website. Dr Allan Chapman talks about the tradition of […]