Images and video from the partial Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015

Some images and short videos of the eclipse recorded from northwest England during a mostly cloudy morning of 20th March 2015. I used a video camera piggy-backed on my driven Vixen 102mm telescope along with a Cannon 550D at the prime focus for a few stills.  A mylar filter was used most of the time on both the scope and video camera but occasionally removed because the attenuation provided by the clouds was sufficient. Although mostly cloudy throughout the eclipse there were several intervals when the sun was not completely obscured and is when these recordings were made.

The video was shot using a Panasonic HDC HS900 camera and the first 4 still images are from that camera too. Click on any image to open gallery view.

Partial Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015  – still images from video using Panasonic HDC HS900

 If you are intrigued by the birds in the images above. Here are the video clips from which they came at one tenth normal speed.

Partial Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015 – Vixen 102mm and a Cannon 550D at prime focus.


This 3 minute video is a collection of intervals when cloud cover did not completely obscure the sun during the couple of hours of the solar eclipse. It has been speeded up twenty times normal speed.

Episode 70 – India’s Deep Space Network and ISRO Satellite Centre

Indian Deep Space Network India’s space program is now over half a century old. During this time its Infrastructure has evolved. This episode looks at the current communication capabilities used to support space vehicles during launch, in Earth orbit or on a interplanetary missions.

ISRO has an extensive network of ground stations on the Indian mainland, off-shore and neighbouring countries (Mauritius and Fiji) and collaborates with Norway, Russia, USA and European countries for mission specific needs. ISRO also has ship borne resources it deploys to meet individual mission profiles.


ISRODish1 copy‘s flagship deep space antenna is the 32m fully steerable dish at Byalalu close to Bangalore. It was established for the 2008 Moon mission and has been the primary resource for communicating with its Mars Orbiter Mission. Byalalu is also the central site for India’s Regional Navigation Satellite System IRNSS due to come in to full operation in 2016.

This conversation was recorded in March 2014 with the then director of the ISRO Satellite Centre SK Shivakumar who had been project leader that established the 32m antenna.



ISRO’s updated website – an overview

Space technology in service of Human kind_21Dec2014

On 21st December 2014 ISRO updated its website ( duplicated at  Even over the first few days after the update there have been additional minor updates so some of the screen dumps below may not precisely match what you may see. Although there are still some shortcomings, the new clean, fresh user interface offers simpler navigation […]

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Book Review – India’s Rise as a Space Power

Indias Rise as a Space Power

Title: India’s Rise as a Space Power Publisher: Cambridge University Press, India Pvt Ltd Author: U.R Rao ISBN-10: 9382993487 ISBN-13: 978-9382993483 In the April of 1971, the USSR approached India and offered to launch an Indian satellite. Vikram Sarabhai asked UR Rao to develop and lead the program. In December 1971 Sarabhai died. Perhaps it […]

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Episode 69 Mars Orbiter Mission


Interview recorded at ISRO’s satellite Centre in Bangalore with Mars Orbiter Mission program director Dr Mylswamy Annadurai. This interview was recorded on 26th March 2014 after MOM was launched but before it arrived at Mars.

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Philae Landing on 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

ESA’s Rosseta mission highlight is now imminent. Philae will be start its landing phase on 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on 11th November and actually land on the 12th November 2014. This PDF detailed timeline lists events leading up separation, landing and just after separation. All the times are in GMT. In the end Philae performed 3 landings,15:33, 17:26 & 17:33. […]

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Why India went to Mars

Here is my piece on Marsdaily about the geopolitics of India’s Mars mission. Despite what the piece states at the top – I am NOT in Bangalore!      

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Information Security. Cloud Computing – A Commercial and Legal Perspective 

Cloud computing has been an information technology (IT) buzzword for many years and now it’s firmly ensconced in the mainstream of ICT and business. This session will look at the commercial and legal perspectives.

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ISRO’s GSLV Launch delayed

ISRO has had three successful launches this year and the planned three more are not quiet on track. Two of the three remaining are the IRNSS navigational satellites. The IRNSS constellation has a 10 year plan but will only work once the complete constellation of seven are in orbit. The first has been in orbit for […]

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Episode 68: Stephen H Smith – India’s forgotten rocketeer


Contribution of Stephen H Smith to development of rocketry and the Anglo Indian community in India of which he is a member.

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