Established in 2008, Astrotalkuk.org is a not for profit, amateur astronomy/space website where I publish my take on space, astronomy and other stuff of interest. For my day job I work in the Information Security area and this blog now occasionally includes some posts associated with that, especially with a focus on Cloud Computing.

My first book published in 2011 – Yuri Gagarin in London and Manchester

Twitter: @gurbirsingh

Podcast Recordings
Most of the recordings for AstrotalkUK are done live face to face. When that is not possible or convenient then options such as telephone, Skype and even email of mp3 files are used. The equipment and software include

H2 Zoom Handy Recorder

Audacity : Free audio recorder and editor
WordPress : AstrotalkUK is hosted on WordPress

Each episode is typically about 30 minutes mp3 file and usually has the following attributes:
Constant bit rate, Stereo, Sample rate=44.1Khz, Sample size=16bit, Bit Rate =64Kbs

Music (episodes 1-24)
Concerto for violin and Oboe by Johann Sebastian Bach. Royalty free 30 second loop from http://www.musicloops.com/


Picture of Saturn in AstroalkUK logo: Courtesy of NASA.

Header image  a composite from several images using the wide-angle camera from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.