Who is the target audience
Primarily the amateur astronomy community in the UK but not restricted to it.

Can we share the Astrotalkuk.org hyperlink on our website?
If you want.

How can I contact Astrotalkuk?
Send an email to info@astrotalkuk.org

Are you available for public talks/interviews?
Drop me a note…

What sort of topics will AstrotalkUk cover?
No fixed boundaries but topics will include:

  • Human Spaceflight
  • Observing tips and advice
  • Unmanned Spaceflight
  • Cosmology
  • SETI, Exoplanets, Unmanned space flight
  • occasionally a post abut cloud computing (my day job) may find its way here.

Why is AstrotalkUK required? 
Perhaps AstrotalkUK is not required.  The primary goal is to help its host to continue to understand & appreciate life, universe and everything..

Is AstrotalkUK only for amateurs astronomers in the UK?
Primarily yes but..

How much will it cost to download AstrotalkUK programs?
Nil. AstrotalkUK is a non profit project. There are no ads and you do not need to login.

Can I make a donation?
No thanks. There are loads of good (and better) astronomy podcasts which will benefit  from donations. (Yes, you are right, this question is not even occasionally asked let alone frequently!)