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Episode17:Gamma Ray Astronomy

As the most energetic photons, gamma rays are rare, difficult to observe, require special telescopes & detectors, and not many of them make it to the surface of the earth anyway. So why is gamma ray astronomy important? Its not an area of astronomy that amateurs usually dip even their big toe in and something […]

Episode16:Astronomy – A cultural perspective

You can’t think of Darwin without Wallace, Laurel without Hardy. In UK astronomy there is no more an enduring and familiar partnership than Henbest and Couper. Nigel and Heather have been writing, broadcasting, supporting and publicising astronomy for decades. Their most recent project is a series of daily radio programs for BBC Radio4 called Cosmic […]

Episode15:Astrobiology. How did life start on Earth?

Astrobiology is the study of life outside the earth. Paradoxically, it is advanced by understanding how life started here on earth. More about Astrobiology in the UK at the Astrobiology Society’s website. In the famous Miller Urey experiment to discover the origin of life, the experiment did not result in primitive life but succeeded in […]


After a 7 year journey, Cassini/ Huygens arrived at Saturn in 2004 and Huygens landed on the surface of Titan on January 14th 2005. The only moon within the solar system known to have a substantial atmosphere. On Monday 3rd of July 1989 it was possible to study the atmosphere of Titan from here on […]