Archives for June 2008

Episode21:Science, Science Fiction and Astrobiology

Professor Mark Brake from the University of Glamorgan has an eclectic interest. An academic, broadcaster and author of science and popular science books, he is the organising chair for the the third conference of the Astrobiology Society of Britain: ASB3: The Living Universe, will take place in Cardiff between July 1-4, 2008. We spoke about […]

Episode20:European City of Culture – Astronomy in Liverpool

As the European city of Culture, Liverpool has more than its fair share of activities this year. Many have an astronomy connection. In today’s episode Andy Newsam from Liverpool John Moores University, Joanne Coleman from the British Association for the Advancement of Science talks about the Science Festival between 6th and 11th of September and […]

Episode19:Astronomy Online

There are many ways to participate in and learn about astronomy online. In today’s episode, three examples of how the web is being used to share resources and build communities around Science Space and Astronomy . Many astronomical societies are preparing or have already completed a program of speakers for the 2008/9 […]

Episode18:European Space Agency

Since the days of Sputnik and Apollo, Space technology has matured to an extent that it is almost a routine commercial activity. China, India and Japan are well established players in addition to USA and Russia. Next year the Virgin Galactic will embark on space tourism. Since its establishment in 1975, the European Space Agency […]