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Once in a blue moon

Here’s something that only happens once in a blue moon. A blue moon! Well its not actually going to turn blue. It will be the same familiar colour as the full moon on 2nd of December and it will be  the same again tomorrow. Two full moons in the same month. The lunar month (29.5 […]

Episode 30: December 27th 2009 Prof. Barrie Jones

Today’s episode is a special recording with Professor Barrie Jones of the Open University. Special because during the Eighties, I studied several of the courses which he helped to develop and presented on the the late night OU TV programs.

Professor Jones joined the Open University in 1972 and since 2006 is the emeritus professor of astronomy. He recalls people he worked with at Cornell including Tom Gold, Frank Drake, Carl Sagan and the early days of Gamma Ray astronomy from balloons.