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Episode 33: January 27th 2010 : Ptolemy’s Almagest

If you had the task of gathering all of humanity’s knowledge of cosmology in one place, how would you do it? Answers to questions such as, How big is the Earth? At what date and time will the Moon be full again? What makes the Sun shine? How old is the Universe? Today a good […]

One of my episodes is missing.

An oversight on my part (can’t count) I accidentally skipped episode 31 and went to 32. To avoid messing up database records and associated hyperlinks, I will not be going back to episode 31 so the next one will be episode 33. Episode 32 will remain for ever  in some multi dimensional episode void. So […]

Astronomy on local radio

Want to know what’s in the night sky for this month? Tune in to Chris Northen’s  radio show between 09:00 and 10:00 on  allfm 96.9 Manchester Astronomical Society’s member Mike Oates presents “sky notes” on the first Friday of each month. Yes, you can listen online. Next broadcast – tomorrow morning.

Episode 32: January 1st 2010 Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore is primarily known for his work on the long running TV series, The Sky at Night but he is an author, musician and an observational astronomer, too. He is also a former director of the Armagh Planetarium, a co-founder of the Society for Popular Astronomyand a former president of the British Astronomical […]