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7th June 2012 Yuri Gagarin in Manchester – Chorlton History Group

I will be speaking at the Chorlton History Group about Gagarin’s visit to Manchester on 12th July 1961.  On his drive from the airport, Gagarin drove through Chorlton in his open top car – in the rain. The presentation will include a rare video (originally cine) film of Gagarin in Manchester and several unpublished photos. […]

BIS Northern Meeting 19th May 2012,York – Final Update

This is the final post before Saturday’s event. Currently there are about 35 of the 50 seats sold. You can still buy on line or take the chance and just turn up. I have “partnered” with the BBC and this event is now part of “The Great British Story“. If you have purchased a ticket […]

Remembering the Manchester Interplanetary Society

A plaque was unveiled by the Right Hon. Tony Lloyd MP in front of a packed room at the Clayton Vale Visitors centre yesterday. President Elect Alistair Scott from the British Interplanetary Society traveled up to Manchester to participate in this unique event to celebrate the contribution in rocket development made by the Manchester Interplanetary […]

A public event to commemorate Manchester’s first rocket pioneers

Manchester has a world renowned international airport, and if had a group of rocket engineers had had their way, could Manchester have had a spaceport to launch rockets, too? A group of rocket engineers lead by Eric Burgess formed the Manchester Interplanetary Society in 1936. Working closely with the Sci Fi community, their headquarters were […]

BIS Northern Meeting 19th May 2012,York – Update

Two weeks to go. Here is a quick update. Currently 26 individuals have got tickets from the online system and we received a request to reserve an additional two for collection at the door. I have had to make a change in the program.  Kevin Kilburn has had to pull out, but Mike Hall, a […]