Gagarin Statue – Update 14 July 2012

To mark the 50th anniversary of his visit to Britain, a statue  of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was installed outside the offices of the British Council near Trafalgar Square in London, one year ago today. The full story was covered in episode 47.  At the time the British Council announced that the statue had planning permission […]

Episode 53: 28th June 2012 – The Chinese Space program

Brian Harvey is a Dublin based writer, author, broadcaster and probably the most informed specialist on Chinese and Soviet/Russian space program in Ireland today. This conversation recorded during the Shenzhou-9 / Tiangong-1 mission orbiting the Earth with the three crew including the first Chinese female astronaut on-board. At the end of the interview Brian Harvey talks about the Space Cooperation Memorandum signed last week.

Gagarin Statue in Manchester – Quick Update

It appears that the public support for the statue to come to Manchester is not an issue once people get to know about the campaign. Half way target of 500 was met on Thursday last week. My thanks to all of you. Another name, Professor Carl Murray  a scientist working on the Cassini probe currently […]

Book about Gagarin’s visit to the UK in 1961

Yuri Gagarin in London and Manchester A Smile that Changed the World? The story of the World’s first spaceman’s five days in the UK 11th – 15th July 1961   *  *  *   Reviews London Society Journal “This fascinating and well-researched book recounts the legendary Soviet cosmonaut’s visit to the UK in the summer […]

Gagarin Statue

To mark the 50th anniversary of the world’s first spaceflight  by cosmonaut Yuri  Gagarin on 12th April 1961, a statue of Gagarin made in Russia was unveiled in London in on 14th July this year. The limited planning permission means it must move by July 2012. Gagarin came to Britain because he was invited by […]

Episode 47:25th July 2011: Yuri Gagarin Statue in London

Links to audio and video below. The 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s UK visit was marked by the unveiling of an aluminium statue of Gagarin, an exact copy of the one outside Lyubertsy Technical School number 10 where Gagarin started his training as a foundryman. The statue, a gift from the Russian federal space agency […]

Gagarin Exhibition – Royal Albert Hall 9th June – 4th July

Poyekhali! Yuri Gagarin & The Dawn of Space Exploration Photo Exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall 9th June – 4th July  at the Royal Albert Hall This exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of Gagarin’s spaceflight is hosted in the world-renowned venue in the heart of London. It is organised by Russia’s leading news agency […]

Episode 44: 15th May 2011: First Orbit and Manchester’s Yuri Gagarin Exhibition

Another Yuri Gagarin episode, I know the anniversary of the world’s first spaceflight is over but there is still lots going on over the next few months. There are two contributors in this episode, Chris Riley and Richard Evans. One of the most successful projects to mark the anniversary is the film First Orbit. The […]

Episode 42: April 12th 2011: Rare video of Yuri Gagarin in Manchester

Scroll down for the audio and video. On a cold bright Wednesday morning fifty years ago in the Soviet town of  Turatam, a rocket launched a man into space. A critical initial step for any civilisation that eventually travels to the stars. Any first is both special and trivial. Special because by definition it only […]

Episode 41: April 9th 2011: Yuri Gagarin and Reg Turnill

Scroll down for the audio and video. Reg Turnill joined the BBC in 1956 with the remit to cover aviation and defence. The launch of Sputnik 1 in the following year expanded his remit to include space. He is particularly well known for his coverage of the American Apollo program. In the UK, his name […]