Shenzhou-9 Launched!

Today’s Shenzou-9 made a text book launch atop the Long March 2F  rocket from the northern Gansu province based Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in China.  Following the Soviet era like secrecy on launch date and identity of the crew, the actual launch was covered live by CCTV including feeds from the launch centre, control centre […]

Chinese Soviet Forum:British Interplanetary Society – London 9th June 2012

I attended the BIS Chinese Soviet Forum lat weekend, organised by Dave Shayler and Bert Vis. With 12 (yes -12!) speakers it was a cram packed day with each speaker’s talk full of meticulous detail in a topic in which they were thoroughly experienced. Throughout the day, amongst their other duties, Steve Salmon, Suzann Parry, […]