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Apollo Astronaut visiting UK – Update 3

Well guess what? In the early hours of this morning the air control body extended the non-emergency flight restrictions to 19:00 this evening (I expect that to be extended). Consequently, Ken Willoughby has informed me that Ed Mitchell’s visit will not take place today. The visit will be rescheduled and details will be published once […]

Apollo Astronaut visiting UK – Update 2

The current situation is that the Edgar Mitchell will arrive and tomorrow evening’s presentation will go ahead as planned. The evening meal originally scheduled for tonight will take place on Saturday evening for those who can make it. To repeat this is the current picture. I’ll post further updates as I recieve them.

Apollo Astronaut visiting UK – Update

The recent volcanic activity in Iceland has resulted in high levels of volcanic ash in the higher atmosphere  over many parts of Europe.  The prevailing weather has pushed dangerous amounts of it over the UK.  Flights over Scotland have been grounded since this morning and now the aviation authorities have called for an end to […]

Apollo Astronaut visiting UK

Despite the now 50 years of the space race, only 24 men have left Earth orbit on a journey to another world. Between 1968 and 1972, nine Apollo missions went to the moon. Of the 24 men, 3 went twice and 12 landed on the lunar surface. Of those 12, only 9 remain and one […]