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Episode 35: 22nd July 2010: Dr Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14

A man playing golf on the moon is one of the images permanently etched into the collective memory of humanity’s first exploration of the moon. The so called “golf player” was Alan Shepard the guy with him was Dr Edgar Mitchell whilst Stuart Roosa orbited the moon in the command module. Today, Ed Mitchell, two […]

Wordcampuk – Manchester 17-18 July 2010

Not very astronomical but may be of interest, especially if you are in the Northwest England and express geeky tendencies. You may be aware that uses an extremely popular blogging platform called WordPress. No? No matter. WordPress users and developers around the world have an annual get togethers to talk about the latest developments […]

Ed Mitchell – Apollo 14 Astronaut in Pontefract

As per my post in April and thanks to a co-operative volcano, Dr Ed Mitchell, Lunar Module pilot for Apollo 14 will be in Pontefract tomorrow evening at 19:30 on Friday 2nd July 2010. Tickets at £30 are available at the door, for all the details download this one page word document. He is actually […]