Episode 64: Bangalore Astronomical Society

  Another episode in the current series about space and India. Bangalore Astronomical Society (BAS) is probably the most industrious astronomical societies in India. Founded in 2006, it has nearly 200 paid up members based in and around Bangalore but a huge number of national and international followers online. In this episode, BAS president Naveen Nanjundappa, […]

National Astronomy Meeting 2012 – A great success

Although I did not manage to speak to everyone I had hoped to, no one ever said no to my request. Thanks to all of you especially Professor Natalie Batalha  with whom I could not find a matching time slot. Also thanks to Robert Massey and the RAS, all the individuals in the NAM2012 t-shirts […]

National Astronomy Meeting 2012

A cram packed week – so much going on and the weather for the first half of this week is particularly cooperative for visitors to Manchester and observing the night sky.  The weather can’t possibly last. I chose to miss out a couple of the evening events and do some observing. I was not able […]

Episode 49: 17th March 2012: National Astronomy Meeting 2012

This episode has no specific astronomical topic but draws attention to a very special astronomy meeting later this month. The Royal Astronomical Society’s annual National Astronomy Meeting last year was held in Wales, next year it will be in Scotland but this year it is in Manchester. National Astronomy Meeting 2012 or NAM2012 will be hosted by the University of Manchester in partnership with Germany’s equivalent to the RAS, the Astronomische Gesellschaft in the last week of March 2012.

Episode8:The Astronomy Centre

The Astronomy Centre: If you head east out of the Lancashire town of Bacup along the A681 towards the Yorkshire town of Todmorden, a couple of miles up a snaking undulating road, nestled amongst the green hills, wild flowers and the sheep you see on your left two large astronomical domes. This is the home […]

Episode6:Amateur Astronomy- the next generation?

Amateur Astronomy – the next generation? In the 1960s and 70s astronomy did not have the competition from computer games, internet and TV. That apparently is what is keeping the young people away from participating in astronomy. Guy Fennimore, secretary of the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA), suggests that astronomy is not the only victim […]