Episode 48: 13th February 2012: Mat Irvine, early BBC Special Effects Department and Sky at Night episode from 1963

The same year that the first woman made it in to space in 1963, a quaint children’s sci-fi series called Dr Who started on BBC television in the UK.  Eventually it became popular around the world and has enjoyed success once more since it restarted again in 2005. Mat Irvine worked in the special effects […]

Astronaut at TEDX Salford

Only one day to go for  http://www.tedxsalford.com/ tomorrow at  MediacityUK If you are in to astronauts you may be interested in this. I received confirmation yesterday that Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham‘s visit to Pontefract, Yorkshire in March has had to be cancelled. Apollo 17’s Harrison Schmitt in October is still on. My interviews with […]

Episode 46:10th July 2011: Yuri Gagarin in London and Manchester. New Book and Personal recollections

On his first visit outside the eastern bloc, Yuri Gagarin arrived in London for a 5 day visit on Tuesday July 11th 1961. He was greeted with a tumultuous and sincere warm welcome everywhere he went including his meetings with the Prime minister and the Queen. The British government juggled with acknowledging Gagarin personal courage […]

Episode 44: 15th May 2011: First Orbit and Manchester’s Yuri Gagarin Exhibition

Another Yuri Gagarin episode, I know the anniversary of the world’s first spaceflight is over but there is still lots going on over the next few months. There are two contributors in this episode, Chris Riley and Richard Evans. One of the most successful projects to mark the anniversary is the film First Orbit. The […]

Episode 37: November 21st 2010 : Progress of Science through the Ages

Scroll to the bottom of this post to play the audio. On November 3rd this year, Professor Jim Al-khalili was to give three lectures in Liverpool on the same day (Quantum Physics, Advances in Mathematics in Medieval Islam and On the Shoulders of Eastern Giants: the Forgotten Contribution of the Medieval Physicists). I did feel […]

Episode 32: January 1st 2010 Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore is primarily known for his work on the long running TV series, The Sky at Night but he is an author, musician and an observational astronomer, too. He is also a former director of the Armagh Planetarium, a co-founder of the Society for Popular Astronomyand a former president of the British Astronomical […]

Episode 27: Astronomy on the Web

A different, interesting and at times a little silly episode this week.  Professor L Gay from the Southern University Edwardsville Illinois (SUEI) and Swinburne Astronomy Online but you will may be familiar with her voice on the probably most popular Astronomy podcast Astronomy Cast. This recording was made in Oxford during her visit in March […]

Episode20:European City of Culture – Astronomy in Liverpool

As the European city of Culture, Liverpool has more than its fair share of activities this year. Many have an astronomy connection. In today’s episode Andy Newsam from Liverpool John Moores University, Joanne Coleman from the British Association for the Advancement of Science talks about the Science Festival between 6th and 11th of September and […]

Episode19:Astronomy Online

There are many ways to participate in and learn about astronomy online. In today’s episode, three examples of how the web is being used to share resources and build communities around Science http://www.sciencefile.org Space http://www.space.co.uk and Astronomy http://www.fedastro.org.uk . Many astronomical societies are preparing or have already completed a program of speakers for the 2008/9 […]

Episode16:Astronomy – A cultural perspective

You can’t think of Darwin without Wallace, Laurel without Hardy. In UK astronomy there is no more an enduring and familiar partnership than Henbest and Couper. Nigel and Heather have been writing, broadcasting, supporting and publicising astronomy for decades. Their most recent project is a series of daily radio programs for BBC Radio4 called Cosmic […]