Episode 69 Mars Orbiter Mission

Interview recorded at ISRO’s satellite Centre in Bangalore with Mars Orbiter Mission program director Dr Mylswamy Annadurai. This interview was recorded on 26th March 2014 after MOM was launched but before it arrived at Mars.

Episode 67 : Technik Museum Speyer

This episode is a preview of some of the space related exhibits in Europe’s largest aerospace museum – Speyer Technik Museum, in Germany. If you ever go and the following may entice you to do so,  four space exhibits to look out for include the following: Soyuz TM19 – The landing capsule Soyuz TM-19 was […]

India and Space

November 21st 2013 marks 50 years of the Indian space program. From humble beginnings devoid of infrastructure, experience or trained engineers, India today has an established track record of designing, building and launching satellites for its own national needs and commercially for others. The next few podcast offer a glimpse of the people and achievements […]

Episode 61: Reg Turnill on Wernher von Braun

Like so many in the “space community” I was saddened to hear of the passing of Reg Turnill. He was  the BBC’s aerospace correspondent but is  best known  for covering the American Space program  throughout the 60s and 70s that he documents so well in his book Moonlandings: An eye witness account. He was the […]

Episode 58: Astronauts Joe Engle and Ron Garan

The first  interview in this episode is with astronaut Joe Engle was recorded during his visit to the UK in 2008.   Joe Engle was at the front of the queue  to go to the Moon when NASA cut its Apollo program. His place was taken by the geologist Harrison Schmitt on Apollo 17 – the last manned […]

Episode 54: 23 July 2012 – Manchester Interplanetary Society and Stanley Davis

The August 2012 edition of Spaceflight, the monthly magazine from the British Interplanetary Society carried an article where I discuss the Northwest of England’s contribution in Rocketry during the 1930s. An extended version of that article is available for free download on Astrotalkuk.org – here. So on to today’ episode. In 1937, two teenagers Harry […]

Chinese Soviet Forum:British Interplanetary Society – London 9th June 2012

I attended the BIS Chinese Soviet Forum lat weekend, organised by Dave Shayler and Bert Vis. With 12 (yes -12!) speakers it was a cram packed day with each speaker’s talk full of meticulous detail in a topic in which they were thoroughly experienced. Throughout the day, amongst their other duties, Steve Salmon, Suzann Parry, […]

7th June 2012 Yuri Gagarin in Manchester – Chorlton History Group

I will be speaking at the Chorlton History Group about Gagarin’s visit to Manchester on 12th July 1961.  On his drive from the airport, Gagarin drove through Chorlton in his open top car – in the rain. The presentation will include a rare video (originally cine) film of Gagarin in Manchester and several unpublished photos. […]

BIS Northern Meeting 19th May 2012,York – Final Update

This is the final post before Saturday’s event. Currently there are about 35 of the 50 seats sold. You can still buy on line or take the chance and just turn up. I have “partnered” with the BBC and this event is now part of “The Great British Story“. If you have purchased a ticket […]

Remembering the Manchester Interplanetary Society

A plaque was unveiled by the Right Hon. Tony Lloyd MP in front of a packed room at the Clayton Vale Visitors centre yesterday. President Elect Alistair Scott from the British Interplanetary Society traveled up to Manchester to participate in this unique event to celebrate the contribution in rocket development made by the Manchester Interplanetary […]