Episode 59: Astrophotograpy

If you have ever been to London and used the underground Tube service, it may well have been driven by the speaker in this episode. That is his day job but Nik Szymanek  is one of Britain’s best known astrophotographers. This interview was recorded during National Astronomy Meeting at the University of Manchester in 2012. […]

National Astronomy Meeting 2012 – A great success

Although I did not manage to speak to everyone I had hoped to, no one ever said no to my request. Thanks to all of you especially Professor Natalie Batalha  with whom I could not find a matching time slot. Also thanks to Robert Massey and the RAS, all the individuals in the NAM2012 t-shirts […]

Episode24:Telescopes before Galileo? Part 2

Chris Lord  of Blackpool & District Astronomical Society continues the story of the telescope leading up to its use by Galileo for astronomical observations. Ibn Sahl and Ibn al-Haythem were two scholars who during the 10th and 11th century developed the fundemental mathematical principles of refraction, reflection and dispersion and kick started the science of […]

Episode23:Telescopes before Galileo? Part 1

Hans Lipperhey’s patent application in the Netherlands for a telescope was formally denied on 2nd October 1608. Nonetheless, it is that individual, that place and that date which history associates with the invention of the telescope. Most of us are aware of the fundamental astronomical discoveries Galileo went on to make with it in the […]

Episode1:Amateur Astronomy in the 21st Century

Amateur Astronomy in the 21st Century: Will Comet 17P Holmes brighten again? Is an asteroid heading for an impact on a Mars? Who was the founder of amateur astronomy? How amateur are amateur astronomers these days? The very first episode of AstrotalkUK. A discussion between Tony O’Sullivan, Ken Irving, from Salford Astronomical Society and Chris […]