Episode 43 April 18th 2011: Apollo 12 and Captain Richard Gordon

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1969 is remembered for the unique event in history, Apollo 11 and the first men, Neil and Buzz on the surface of the Moon. Before the year was out, another three men headed the same way. On November 19th, Pete Conrad and Alan Bean precision landed Apollo 12 in the Ocean of Storms with in walking distance of Surveyor 3 which had arrived to years earlier. The command module pilot Richard Gordon waited in lunar orbit while Conrad and Bean made two lunar EVAs during the thirty one hours they were on the lunar surface. In April, Capt. Dick Gordon came to Pontefract in England. Gordon is one of several astronauts who have made that particular journey under the auspices of Ken Willoughby. This episode is a video recording starting with my short interview and then the Q&A at the end of his public presentation hence the ambient noise. Ken MacTaggart from the newspaper, the Scotsman was also present in Pontefract  just off the screen. His article is available here.


Today’s quote is from Apollo 12 commander, Pete Conrad as he stepped on to the surface of the Moon.

“Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but it’s a long one for me!”


Apollo 12 Dick Gordon Episode 43 www.astrotalkuk.org from AstrotalkUK on Vimeo.

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