IISP NW Regional Meetings

The videos below are recordings of the NW regional branch meetings of the Institute of Information Security Professional (IISP) recorded in Manchester. The videos and  slides  are made available with the consent of the speakers who remain the copyright owners.

The next meeting, a joint one with the Chartered Institute for IT in Greater Manchester. It is on the evening of 16th September 2013 with Michael Colao entitled “The outlook is cloudy:  How to screw up a cloud implementation or Why almost every cloud security talk you have ever heard is wrong“. Register free here

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11th June  2013 by Professor Fred Piper from Royal Holloway University London, on “Cryptography – From Black Art to Popular Science”. Slides  here.

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23 May 2013 by Kawser Hamid, lead policy officer from the Information Commissioner’s Office on the theme of “Data Protection in the Cloud”. A technical issue (the battery packed up!) meant I only had the first 20 minutes. I thought it was still worth uploading.  Slides  here.

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15th November 2012 by Will Roebuck from www.eradar.eu on the theme of  security  associated with doing business online. Slides  here.

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5th July 2012 by Stephen Porter from Trend Mirco Limited on the theme of cloud security. Slides here.

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