Images and video from the partial Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015

Some images and short videos of the eclipse recorded from northwest England during a mostly cloudy morning of 20th March 2015. I used a video camera piggy-backed on my driven Vixen 102mm telescope along with a Cannon 550D at the prime focus for a few stills.  A mylar filter was used most of the time on both the scope and video camera but occasionally removed because the attenuation provided by the clouds was sufficient. Although mostly cloudy throughout the eclipse there were several intervals when the sun was not completely obscured and is when these recordings were made.

The video was shot using a Panasonic HDC HS900 camera and the first 4 still images are from that camera too. Click on any image to open gallery view.

Partial Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015  – still images from video using Panasonic HDC HS900

 If you are intrigued by the birds in the images above. Here are the video clips from which they came at one tenth normal speed.

Partial Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015 – Vixen 102mm and a Cannon 550D at prime focus.


This 3 minute video is a collection of intervals when cloud cover did not completely obscure the sun during the couple of hours of the solar eclipse. It has been speeded up twenty times normal speed.

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