The Indian Space Programme (the book) – price discount and reviews

Price discounts until the end of November. Ebook £9.99. Book reviews of the The Indian Space Programme.

A true scholarly, and authoritative history. A landmark book.” Dr Allan Chapman, Wadham College University of Oxford.

Singh has done a masterful job of pulling together unique material and photos for a popular reader.” Leonard David.

“This is a monumental book on the Indian space program, arguably the least covered major space program in the world. In over 600 pages, the author describes the organization and history of India’s launcher and satellite programs. My conclusion was that if something is not covered in this book, it wasn’t worth covering. Kudos to Mr. Singh for researching and writing such a complete overview. If you have any questions on India’s space efforts, the answer will surely be here.” Bert Vis

Excellent book giving each and every single detail, not only about India’s Space Programme, but also historical aspects of Europe, USA and RussianDr Rajinder Singh, University of Oldenburg, Germany.


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