Transit of Venus and the Great British Story

The last hour of so of the transit of Venus on 6th June 2012 will be visible during sunrise from northwest of England. The following links should answer most if not all your queries.

Listen to a short interview above on Radio Merseyside with Roger Phillips today. For details of the Yuri Gagarin talk download this flyer. Liverpool Astronomical Society Venus transit event see bottom of page and details about the Great British Story event at Liverpool Museum where Roger Phillips and Michael Wood will be present. I hope to attend too.

Details about the transit of Venus from Royal Astronomical Society

This animation illustrates how the transit would look if you you could see it from your location.

Want to see it from the comfort of your armchair – NASA will carry a live coverage here.

Carl Barry and Lillian Fletcher from Salford talk about their research in episode 9 on William Crabtree’s observation in 1639  of the transit of Venus from.. Salford.

If you are wondering what the Transit of Venus looks like – see below. My video from 2004.


Free public event in Liverpool – yes it really does say 4.30am!

Contact Name: Gerard Gilligan Liverpool Astronomical Society
Liverpool Astronomical Society
Time: 04:30:00
Date: 06/06/2012
Location: Holt Playing Field, nr. Sudley House Art Gallery
Town: Liverpool
Post Code: L18 8BX
Public observing event


  1. I received a text from Ken Irving of Salford Astronomical Society indicating that he had made a visual observation of Venus before sunset today. The sun was obscured by cloud. Given this is about 36 hours before the transit of Venus – it must have been pretty close to the Sun.

    I recommend you do NOT try this!.

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