Episode 65: ISRO – The early years

The Indian Space Research Organisation formally came in to being in 1972. By then, India had been developing its space program for almost a decade. The first launch to space from Indian soil was a two stage Nike-Apache rocket supplied by USA with a  sodium  payload from France. The rocket delivered a vertical trail of sodium […]

BBC Stargazing Live

5/1/2011: Today is the last of the  hour long “Stargazing Live”  programs on BBC2 at 8pm with a comic Dara O Briain and a scientist Professor Brian Cox. But it is not over today!  Events continue until at least 16th January nationwide – See bbc.co.uk/stargazing. Free tonight and in the northwest? Pop down at about […]

Episode8:The Astronomy Centre

The Astronomy Centre: If you head east out of the Lancashire town of Bacup along the A681 towards the Yorkshire town of Todmorden, a couple of miles up a snaking undulating road, nestled amongst the green hills, wild flowers and the sheep you see on your left two large astronomical domes. This is the home […]

Episode6:Amateur Astronomy- the next generation?

Amateur Astronomy – the next generation? In the 1960s and 70s astronomy did not have the competition from computer games, internet and TV. That apparently is what is keeping the young people away from participating in astronomy. Guy Fennimore, secretary of the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA), suggests that astronomy is not the only victim […]